Using Github

Note: this requires access to OpenClovis private repositories so is only useful for OpenClovis Engineers


  1. Create a directory "git". "cd" to it.
  2. Check out SAFplus, IDE, and PSP projects. Rename their subdirectories "SAFplus","IDE", and "PSP".
    1. If "PSP" exists, SAFplus will automatically build the chassis manager and AMF will access it.
  3. Detar "eclipse" 3.7.x "indigo", and the following plugins. You should end up with an "eclipse" directory with all plugins properly placed:
    2. These plugins and eclipse are available in the 3rdparty repository, "idedev" subdirectory. Or pull them from their own repositories.

This will create a full SAFplus and IDE development environment.

IDE development

  1. Run eclipse
  2. Select import projects
  3. Choose IDE as your base directory
  4. select all com.* projects