TIPC build and install Guide provides the build and installation procedures for TIPC on Linux Operating System.

TIPC build and install Guide

  • login as root
  • install package kernel-devel, gcc, ncurses-devel
  • extract tipc1.7.7.oc.tar.gz to folder tipc1.7.7.oc
  • move to kernel folder(\usr\src\'uname -r') then copy source from tipc to kernel (tipc1.7.7.oc/net, tipc1.7.7.oc/include)
  • copy .h to library header
      # cp -f tipc-1.7.7.oc/include/linux/tipc.h /usr/include/linux/
      # cp -f tipc-1.7.7.oc/include/linux/tipc_config.h /usr/include/linux/
  • save old config
      # make oldconfig
  • configure tipc
      # make menuconfig
      - Main menu then choose -> Network Support -> Networking options -> The TIPC Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL) -> input M 
        ->  Enter The TIPC Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL) 
        ->  TIPC: Advanced configuration -> input Y
        ->  enable debug messages -> input Y
        ->  other items choose default
        ->  choose Exit until go to main menu
      - Main menu -> Save an Alternate Configuration File -> save to .config
  • prepare
      # make modules_prepare (in this step if you see menu, then input-> yes to all)
  • initialization
      # make init
  • build TIPC module
      # make M=net/tipc modules
  • install
      # make M=net/tipc modules_install
  • add path to tipc.conf
      # echo "install tipc insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/extra/tipc.ko" >> tipc.conf
  • copy config tipc
      # cp -f tipc.conf /etc/modprobe.d/
  • check tipc works or not
      # modprobe tipc
      # depmod -a -F /boot/`uname -r` `uname -r`
      # /sbin/modinfo tipc