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Installation of OpenClovis 6.1 from Github Repository

1. Create a directory (ex: openclovis) and navigate to that directory.

2. Through git download the following repositories from openclovis github.


3. Rename the following repositories.

    SAFplus_IDE to IDE.
    SAFplus-Availability-Scalability-Platform to SAFplus.

4. Navigate to the 3rdparty directory.

    Untar the eclipse-SDK-x.x.x-linux-gtk.tar.gz (for 32-bit) OR
    Untar the eclipse-SDK-x.x.x-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz (for 64-bit)
    Move the eclipse directory to idedev and navigate to idedev  directory.
    Then unzip the fallowing zip files in the current directory (3rdparty directory)

5. Move the eclipse directory out of 3rdparty directory to openclovis directory.

6. Then unzip the file.

7. Navigate to the openclovis directory.

8. If the system is not having openjdk-7, below is url for any more details:

9. Navigate to 3rdparty directory and then perform make-> generates the 3rdparty-base-x.x.tar

10. Copy the 3rdparty-base-x.x.tar to the openclovis directory.

11. Navigate to IDE directory.

12. export VERSION_TAG=6.1 && export VER=6.1.0 && make -f

    if it ask PSP, then git clone   SAFplus-Platform-Support-Package and rename it as PSP it generates openclovis-safplus-sdk-6.1-..tar.gz

13. Use file to install OpenClovis to the system.